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Bishops tribunal moving church out of scandal’s darkness When Pope Francis called for the creation of a Vatican
Cheap NFL jerseys tribunal to ensure that every bishop be held accountable in protecting children from clergy sex abuse, he put the Church back on the road to transparency, accountability and credibility. The enforcement tribunal the pope announced last week is critical and long overdue, and a welcome decision for those of us who love our Church. While serving as ambassador to the Vatican for four and a half years, I sensed the institutional reluctance for change and the need for a more open Church. What people have to understand is that Pope Francis is not trying to be politically correct in advocating for church policies of openness and inclusion it reflects who he is as a person. In fact when I first met him when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires, my first reaction after our more than half hour conversation over cappuccino was that he a very humble and determined man. He reminded me of so many

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Wholesale NFL jerseys months needed to sell the supply of homes on the market at the current sales rate. A six to seven month supply is considered typical in a normal market. The median number of days it took to sell a single family home was extended in January, up from a revised 47.5 days in December to 52.4 days in January and from 44.3 days in January 2014. The statewide measure suggests that homes are selling at a median of 97 percent of the list price, down slightly from a ratio of 97.8 percent at the same time last year. The Bay Area is the only region where homes are selling at original list prices. The average California price per square foot for an existing single family home was $203 in January 2015, a decrease of 3.5 percent from the previous month, but a 2.7 percent increase from January 2014. Price per square foot at the state level has been showing an upward trend since early 2012, and has been rising on a year over year basis for 36 consecutive months. In recent months, however, the

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