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Winchester School of Art MA Fashion Management The MA Fashion Management at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, provides a programme in which you can develop your skills and knowledge in your field of interest. The programme equips you
Cheap jerseys from China with both the practical skills and the intellectual framework, appropriate to your specialism, to allow you to work competently at a master level.Visiting professionals and guest speakers will share their experiences with you, complemented by study visits, lectures and seminars. You will have the opportunity to develop the critical thinking and skills required for a successful career in Fashion Management. Such thinking and skills will enable you to respond positively to the changing demands of clients and consumers.The programme enables you to think of Fashion Management as a means to nurture your own entrepreneurial venture, or to join the Fashion industry at management level.Key factsYou will be able to develop your thinking and skills

hope the day comes when making genomes is something everyone can do," said Pamela Silver, a systems biologist at Harvard Medical School. The new, synthetic DNA "booted up" the bacterium, but not without a few problems; several of the synthesized genes didn’t work properly. And the genes that did work didn’t do anything particularly useful, at least by human standards. The Mycoplasma bacteria grew and reproduced, but that was about all. Within several years however, Venter, along with dozens of other researchers and companies, hope to create more exciting bacteria that will speed up the production and drive down the costs of biofuels, vaccines and drugs. Venter has teamed up with a major oil and gas company, and a pharmaceutical company, to help realize these goals. Venter’s work falls into a nascent field of science known as synthetic biology. Synthetic biology builds on the decades old field of genetic engineering. Unlike genetic engineering, where scientists
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Articles Connexes:

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