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church has been divided into the black dynamic church and the white dynamic church. We need to come together. The second thing is we need to do our part the church’s role, government’s role and the role of the business community." "We need to serve our communities across racial and political lines," Jakes said. "The heart of our faith centers around giving and serving and helping people. "In John 1:14, we’re told ‚The Word was made flesh.‘ We want the word we preach to be made flesh in our communities, around this country, to influence the national conversation about ideas and solutions rather than pain." It was particularly fitting that on MLK’s birthday, his daughter Bernice King and his niece, Alveda King, took key roles in the conference. "Most people, when they talk about my father, often forget that he was a pastor and all he ever wanted to do was be a great pastor," Bernice King said. "I believe this summit is a wonderful way to commemorate

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Articles Connexes:

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